Rise Recovery

Achieving New Heights Together

What Rise Recovery Has To Offer

Rise Recovery’s Phases


The Integration Phase will allow our members to integrate themselves into the Rise brotherhood, the strong Asheville recovery community, and back into society as productive and upstanding citizens.


The second tier at Rise Recovery is where our members will lay the foundation for the life ahead of them. Those in the Foundation Phase will be expected to uphold requirements met during the Integration Phase. Members will have an extended curfew, gain more free time, and be allowed to have overnight passes.


The Transition Phase of Rise Recovery represents the final phase in the tier system where members will work towards transitioning out of the program. There is no time limit on how long a member of the Rise Recovery family can utilize housing options, however, it is important that they continue to set goals to progress through their journey in recovery.

Mentorship Program- Eligible After 90 Days

Rise Recovery will offer the opportunity for members of the Rise Recovery community to enter the Mentorship Program. This program is optional; however, it will afford the senior members of the community an opportunity to introduce new members to the Rise Recovery family and to be a supportive role model in their journey. Those who chose to enter the Mentorship Program will be eligible to become future House Managers and members of the Rise Recovery team.

Expectations at Rise Recovery